Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images the radiologists can view in real time. Breast ultrasound is frequently used to evaluate a breast lump or area of concern found during a breast exam or mammogram. Advanced Radiology uses the Aixplorer® ultrasound system with patented ShearWave™ Elastography technology that provides clear, distinct imaging to help identify previously unseen lesions and may reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies. Elastography allows our radiologists to measure and map the softness or hardness of tissue, which helps your doctor diagnose or track certain conditions and diseases. It can help differentiate between malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) tissues.

Women’s Breast Ultrasound Imaging exams are available
at the following Advanced Radiology locations

Call to Schedule: 203-337-XRAY (9729)

Stamford – 1259 E Main Street
Trumbull Advanced Women’s Imaging Center – 15 Corporate Drive


Ultrasound exams are non-invasive, pain-free, and usually take 20 to 30 minutes. The technologist places gel on the skin of the area to be examined, and then moves the ultrasound transducer, or wand, over the skin.

No preparation is required. If a biopsy is to be performed, no aspirin should be taken for 5-7 days prior to the procedure.