Breast Elastography

Advanced Radiology has been a pioneer practice in the clinical use of elastography. It is used in conjunction with other ultrasound imaging and Doppler parameters.

Elastography Ultrasound allows our radiologists to map the elastic properties of soft tissue. High-frequency sound waves are used to measure the softness or hardness of tissue, which helps your doctor diagnose or track certain conditions and diseases. Elastography may be used on numerous organs and tissues, including the liver, prostate, thyroid and breast. It can help differentiate between malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) tissues, identify changes in muscles and tendons, as well as assess liver fibrosis.

Breast Elastography Ultrasound exams are available at the following Advanced Radiology locations

Call to Schedule: 203-337-XRAY (9729)

Stamford – 1259 E Main Street
Trumbull Advanced Women’s Imaging Center – 15 Corporate Drive


Ultrasound exams are pain-free and usually take 20 to 30 minutes. The technologist places gel on the skin of the area to be examined, and then moves the ultrasound transducer, or wand, over the skin.

No preparation.