Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography, also known as a CT or CAT scan, captures highly detailed cross-sectional images of organs and other parts of the body. CT scans are used to get more information about many areas of the body, including the brain, the sinuses, the spine, ribs, joints and organs like the liver, lungs and kidneys. CT scans help doctors to diagnose injury, infection, tumors or abnormalities, and can also provide extremely detailed blood vessel studies of the heart or brain. We are the only outpatient provider in Connecticut to offer leading-edge 64- and 128-slice CT imaging systems that allow for even more detailed images, including medication-free, “heart-stop” imaging that captures images of the beating heart. Our equipment monitors radiation exposure in real time, maintaining the lowest possible levels throughout the exam. Not only does Advanced Radiology provide uncompromising diagnostic confidence: the exams are also faster, less stressful, and more comfortable for patients of all ages and virtually all sizes.

CT scans are available at the following Advanced Radiology locations

Call to Schedule: 203-337-XRAY (9729)

Fairfield – 1055 Post Road
Shelton – 4 Corporate Drive, Suite 182
Stamford1259 E Main Street
Stratford – 2876 Main Street
Trumbull – 15 Corporate Drive


If you are scheduled for a CT study with contrast media (a dye), you should fast—have no food—for the 4 hours prior to the exam. You may have clear liquids up to 1 hour before your exam. For non-contrast exams, no preparation is required.