Low Dose CT Scanning

The highest quality. The lowest dose.

Advanced Radiology is the only outpatient provider in Connecticut to offer leading-edge 64- and 128-slice CT imaging systems. All-new GE Optima CT scanners provide extremely detailed images of many areas of the body. These sophisticated scanners are particularly valuable for detailed studies of the heart and brain, including medication-free, “heart-stop” imaging that captures images of the beating heart.

DoseWatch technology watches out for you

These new CT scanners use DoseWatch technology that monitors radiation exposure in real time, maintaining the lowest possible levels throughout the exam. Not only does a CT scan at Advanced Radiology provide uncompromising diagnostic confidence, the exams are faster, less stressful, and comfortable for patients of all ages and virtually all sizes.

Advanced Radiology provides quick access to appointments with convenient hours, as well as Web-based access to reports and images.